In the beginning

I have always loved designing and creating pieces that can be loved and appreciated over the years. Many years ago I arrived in Ireland, leaving my hometown of Cordoba, Argentina. I studied fashion and design, and it was only after graduation that I realised I wanted to create unique pieces that I could bring to life with care, love and attention to detail.

The story of Guadalupe Creations began five years ago in my small studio in Dublin. I started by handcrafting my designs for family and friends. As these creations became more popular I discovered that many people were interested in the collection and that I had a full-time career doing what I love.

My daughter has always been the inspiration for my pieces. She takes me to magical realms where I create my dolls, soft toys and bonnets. Each piece continues to be designed and handcrafted by me with love and care. My process includes machine embroidery, appliqué and hand-sewed details. I aim to create beautiful pieces that can be treasured and enjoyed by all.

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